Vrienden van Djoj

Martial Arts classes

The "Soaring Eagle" school.
I invite you to my weekly classes

What do you learn?
- Basic techniques which you find in most styles
- The Soaring Eagle School - individual forms and working with a partner. -
- Learning the eight trigrams principles
- Weapons training
- Qi-gong
- Self Defence
- A personal training program is an option

Why should you do this?
- To get fit
- Learn Self-defence
- To understand your body and mind and release the stress
- To be mindful and to be in the present moment
- For challenge, self-respect and self-confidence
- To raise your life energy and for more quality in life
- For fun along the way

Data: 5+12+19 feb (zie verder agenda)

Prijs: 12,50,- per sessie, 10x -card € 110,-

Website: Lees verder

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