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Full Spectrum

This workshop is the first in a series that teaches the Science of Human Potential. It offers both powerful tools and big picture understandings for personal transformation and inner growth. Through this synthesis of Spirituality, Psychology and Energy Awareness, it offers a comprehensive and empowering approach to personal growth.

This is not a standalone workshop, but rather the start of a journey into self-exploration. It teaches what it means to walk the Path and what it means to carry out the Inner Work needed to clear up unconscious patterns. By creating space for consciousness to mature, Essence qualities of the Soul start to be fully embodied.

This is not an overnight enlightenment course and you will not be suddenly rid of lifelong conditioning. You will, however, start to directly experience what it means to touch Soul consciousness as you apply the tools and insights to effectively deal with the daily challenges that often engulf your consciousness.

You will learn to embrace the power of your sensitivity, to express your truth, to be dynamically creative, to be loving and playful, to be authentically empowered, and to be connected to higher purpose, to your Higher Self. These are but a few of the Essence qualities of the Soul, and through inner work you create space for them to be expressed and to be lived.

Through the recognition of the patterns of the personality parts and how they operate in your psyche, that you are taking the first essential step in personal transformation. You are clearing the way for the highest version of you to start manifesting. These workshops will give you both the tools and the | Discover Your Essence, Live Your Potential

Data: 1, 2 september en 27, 28 oktober

€300,-( €250,-) for students incl koffie/thee/lunch

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