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Expression of the Art within You

Would you like to find a more direct way of expressing YOU through movement?

In this workshop we will start a journey discovering the freedom of the authentic expression of YOU.

Curiosity is our starting point. How can we move different than we used to do? Can we break the habit of known moving patterns? And explore new ones…. Being really truthful to yourself, your body and this moment.

Using simple exercises we learn to know and become aware of the ways we are used to move, our natural abilities, and we learn to make space for for authentic expression.
It is a pleasure for me to share the freedom I have gained so far with you, to express myself as freely at all levels of my existence, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I surrender to let pure life flow through my body. In my experience, the only thing that is holding us from not doing this, are our judgements and beliefs about ourselves.

Are you willing to look beyond them and let go….…and let yourself be surprised, be vulnerable, be powerful, be joyful, be authentic, very close to yourself and fulfilled in your desire to express YOU through movement?


the moon is full
fool of love
inside me
desire is breathing
raw wild force
to become...

to peel off
to burn
past behaviour.

pushing through
the new
is born
not yet shaped
pure life
in me
I let it be

Data: 18 apr

Prijs: € 15,- p.p..via website. Aan de deur €17,50. Duo vriendenprijs, uitsluitend te boeken via website €12,50. Maximaal 15 deelnemers!

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Spirituele Liefdesrelatie Workshopmiddag door Jan Geurtz 19 mei