Wheel of Consent

Ecstatic Summer Djoj

This summer we offer a special weekly Ecstatic Dance!
Every Friday night we dance and celebrate the sunny summer life :D

Welcome to another journey of dance. Let's discover what our dance looks, feels, moves like in this very moment.
Leaving words and shoes at the wardrobe we enter the dance-floor. This welcoming space that allows us to be and to breath, to be moved by and to move all that is present. The music inspiring us to travel further and explore, to stop and to play.

Entree: €15.00 (please bring cash! no on-line tickets & no PIN available)

19:30 deur open
20:00 inleiding
20:30 dj set
22:30 sluitende circel
23:00 deur dicht

Door open till 20.45
No entree possible any later!

Data: 10+17+24+31 jul en 7 aug (zie verder agenda)

Prijs: €15,00 contant aan de kassa, Geen PIN automaat aanwezig. Entrance €15,00 (please bring cash! no on-line tickets & no PIN available)

Website: Lees verder


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